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Norrmans Skor is one of Uppsala's oldest companies. It was founded in 1882 by Shoemaker, J.P. Norrman. Initially, he made hand-made shoes that were then sold in the store. He also conducted the shoemaking business.

Eventually there was a shift to manufactured shoes and these shoes were sold along with the handmade ones.

J.P. Norrman's son, Nils Norrman, had his own custom shoe store on Svartbäcksgatan, for several years, but he took over Norrmans Skor after his father died in the late 1920's.

Lennart Norrman, the third generation shoe merchant, son of Nils, and JP's grandson, began his career with his father in 1930. By this time, his own hand-made shoe production had ceased and only factory- made footwear was sold in the store. Lennart Norrman took over the business in 1955 after his father.

The store has throughout its history been on the same block. However, between 1959-1962, the store was located at a temporary address in Vaksala Square, while the original premises at Vakslagatan was demolished and the present building was built. In 1962 Norrmans Skor moved back to Vaksalagatan 19-21, where the store is still located today.

Lars Norrman, fourth generation in the direct descendents, and the son of Lennart Norrman, began working in the store in 1975. Lars took over the whole business from his father in 1981.

Rasmus Norrman, fifth generation, son of Lars Norrman, began working in the store in 2010, at which time, Norrmans Skor took over Stig Bergströms Damskor. It is called Bergströms Skor nowadays and sells men's shoes along with women’s shoes. Lars and Rasmus currently run the business together.

JP Norrman, Norrmans Skor

J.P. Norrman utanför Norrmans Skor, c. 1925

JP Norrman, Norrmans Skor

Jöns Petter "J.P" Norrman (1857- 1932)


JP Norrman, Norrmans Skor

Norrmans Skor'

Nils Norrmans shoe store, Nya Skomagasinet, on Svartbäcksgatan 10 c. 1928

Norrmans Skor, Sivia Torg

Norrmans Skor, Sivia Torg c. 1978